Staff mobility

logo erasmus+HAS University of Applied Sciences takes part in the Erasmus Plus Programme, which means that employees from participating countries can come to HAS as part of the Erasmus Plus Programme to perform a teaching assignment or follow a training. Please note that, if you are interested, you will need to apply for the Erasmus grant at your own institution.

Teaching assignment
As a lecturer of a higher education institution in one of the participating countries, you can use this allowance to perform a teaching assignment at HAS.


  • The teaching assignment needs to include at least 8 teaching hours;
  • It needs to be for a minimum period of 2 days (excluding travel), preferably 5 days, with a maximum of 60 days;
  • Your HE institution must have a valid Erasmus University Charter;
  • Your HE institution must have an inter-institutional agreement with HAS.

Training abroad
The Erasmus+ allowance for staff training is for teaching and non-teaching staff of higher education institutions to attend a training at HAS. The training aims to improve your skills and competences and accordingly enhance your personal development. The training may consist of (language) training, ‘job shadowing’, observation, or training attendance at HAS.


  • The training needs to have a duration of a minimum of 2 days, excluding travel;
  • Priority is given to guests visiting HAS for the first time.


Contact persons staff mobility for each study programme

If you are interested please contact the internationalisation coordinator of the programme of your interest.

English programmes:



International Food & Agribusiness

Marnix Wolters

Horticulture & Business Management

Peter van Gastel

International Farm Management

Peter van Gastel


Dutch programmes:



Animal Husbandry & Animal Care

Jos Wesselink

Applied Biology

Margje Voeten

Business Administration & Agribusiness

Wim de Koning (Den Bosch)

Esther Vennekens (Venlo)

Environmental Studies

Krista van Noppen;

Food Design & Innovation

Stefan Hermsen

Food Technology

Irene Payens

Geo Media & Design

Marien de Bakker

Spatial and Environmental Planning

Arnoud van de Wal


If you are interested in an assignment or training that is not directly linked to one of the study programmes, please send an email to

* Erasmus+ eligible countries project is being funded with the support of the European Commission. The author of this publications is responsible for the information included; the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information.