3rd Year Minors

Looking for an interesting 3rd year English course (=minor) in study-year 2017-2018? HAS University of Applied Sciences offers you 6 English taught minors in the 3rd year. With these minors we aim to broaden your perspective and we teach you how to combine knowledge form different disciplines.

3rd Year Minors at HAS University of Applied Sciences
During your 3rd year minor you will work on a real life project  with a group of students from different study programmes. You will work together in multidisciplinary teams. At the same time you will bring in your own expertise and knowledge from your own study programme. A minor will take 10 weeks in which you have to be full time available. The minors are planned at the beginning and in the end of the study year.

Choose your minor
Choose the minor of your interest. Our 3rd year minors are related to current issues within the domain of agriculture, food and living environment and ask for a multidisciplinary approach. The minors at HAS University of applied sciences are special because of their relationship with the topics ‘sustainability’ and ‘entrepreneurship’. They offer a good opportunity to work on important issues and your own personal development.

Minors at HAS University of Applied Sciences

You will receive 15 ECTS credit if you complete a 3rd year minor.

More info and application procedure
You can learn more about the application procedure here.