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International Farm Management


International Farm Management is a variant of the study programme Business...

International Food & Agribusiness


International and sustainable business with a focus on food, crop or animal....

Animal Husbandry & Animal Care


Do you have a passion for animals and would you like to turn it into a job? Then the...

Applied Biology location Den Bosch


How do you get cows to produce more milk without negatively impacting their welfare?...

Business Administration & Agribusiness location Den Bosch


Do you enjoy using your hands as well as your head? And does your heart belong to...

Are you interested in building a business around animals? Have you got a passion for the three Ps balance of people, planet and profit? Then choose an eduction in animal husbandry or in sustainable (international) food production. Affordable and healthy food for all, is the line of approach of International Food & Agribusiness. In all studies, sustainable entrepreneurship takes central stage. Together you solve cases by collecting, processing and applying knowledge. In close collaboration with the agricultural and food business you research business issues.